Italian Aphrodisiac Recipes
Italian Aphrodisiac Recipes: The first audio book of Authentic Italian Recipes with Erotic and Aphrodisiac properties

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What is Aphrodisiac?

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Aphrodisiac Ingredients

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Free Italian Recipes
Free Italian Recipes
Dear Friends, before everything... I love YOU ALL and welcome to my FREE ITALIAN RECIPES! Straight from ancient Rome, I'm the only Gladiator Cook alive in this age. I want to show you how to enjoy Italy with its food, language, music, and monuments... with love! Then remember: Cooking is first of all, an act of love! You can be the most famous and expert cook in the world, but if you forget the most important ingredient 'love', your dishes will be just... 'food'. In this section of,
I will share with you all the secrets on how to make real Pizza from scratch, or how to cook real Spaghetti and Pasta Dishes, but always mixed with my personal ancient Rome taste and experience. Dear Friends, welcome to the Arena of the Kitchen: raise your rolling pins and make drop the swords... because spreading love in the world can start from your good cooking.
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