Italian Aphrodisiac Recipes: The first audio cook book of Authentic Italian Recipes with Erotic and Aphrodisiac properties

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If you love Italian food and Italian Recipes, you would get crazy for these Italian Aphrodisiac Recipes!!
Did you ever ask yourself why Italians are world's famous for their sexual appetites?
There is an ancient said "We are what we eat" and we believe that the Italian food has some unique and aphrodisiac ingredients that can really help your love life.
We don't intend to cure any health problem, but our goal is to share with you authentic Italian Recipes that contains aphrodisiac ingredients that can make a little spicer your sex life or/and at least enjoy some real Italian Recipes!
This is the first Italian audio cook book that offers this unique opportunity: learn how to cook delicious Italian Recipes that also may help your intimacy with your partner.

Ciao and Buon Appetito!

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